By Claire Reynolds 4/16/2024

The Lord Delights in You

Every week, we have the privilege of spending time with our students who share different moments from their daily lives. Each student comes to us ready to talk about their experiences at school, home, and all their activities outside of REYS. I consider it very special to have the opportunity to learn about them and see their unique personalities as they spend time at REYS. It is nothing short of pure delight to be with them, learn from them, and be a person they can trust. Psalm 147:11 says, 'The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.' The Lord is delighted when we place our hope and trust in Him. I can only imagine that my love and delight in each student at REYS is only a fraction of how much the Lord loves and delights in me. Today, I encourage you to walk in the knowledge that God delights in you! He is honored and delighted when you come to Him and hope in His love above all else. He is trustworthy with your heart and steadfast with His love, so go to Him with every part of you and trust that He is faithful.