REYS Music

The individual music lessons program at REYS is designed to provide free individual lesson opportunities to students who would not be able to afford private lessons otherwise.

The Music Program at REYS is part of our holistic mission of providing Spiritual Direction, Academic Assistance and Social Support to local school age children.Part of the Music Program mission is to not only teach young people musical skills, but to encourage them in their faith journey, point them to Jesus and the Bible; and provide positive Christian adult leaders in their lives through the Music Instructors/Teachers. 


To request an application for your student(s) to participate in the music lessons at REYS, please email

What do we learn about in REYS Music Class?

Steady Beat

a beat that doesn't get faster or slower it STAYS THE SAME


is made up of combinations of long and short tones/notes


a single line of music that goes up, down, or stays the same


tell us how loud or soft to play or sing

Singing & Playing

using pitched & un-pitched percussion instruments

Creating & Improvising

we create our own musical pieces