What is your story? It is a simple question that opens the door for deep relationships. Our leaders challenge young ladies to be a part of a story that matters through activities, events, and mentorship opportunities.

Our girls get a chance to hang out with friends in an environment where they can be themselves. We meet once a week to talk, help others with service projects, and take trips to cool places where we have fun; like go-karting and laser tag. Invite all of your friends out for a night out with the girls at REYS!


The mission of LIFECYCLES is to build young men of character in a Christ-centered bicycle touring adventure experience for urban teens with a mentoring program to guide them into adulthood.

We believe God created each person, loves each person, and desires that each person know Him. We believe boys deserve a chance to become the men they were created to be. Teenage boys flourish with positive role models to help them dream, set goals, and grow. The LIFECYCLES team believes there is an urgent need to guide urban teen boys to fulfilling, contributing, God-honoring lives as adults – to build young men of character. We do this through the unique challenge and excitement of bicycle touring, and we seek God’s blessing for provision, protection, and sustainment. Visit LifeCylesTeam for more information.