Afterschool and Summer Programs

REYS Youth Center’s doors are open for students in 1st-5th grade twice a week (Mondays and Fridays). We aim to provide a loving environment to help children grow and develop into healthy young adults. Trained volunteer leaders help facilitate many different programs and student clubs. Children can engage with others to make long lasting relationships through Homework Help, Life Skills, planned gym activities, and Bible lessons.

1st-5th Grade | Monday and Fridays | 3:00-6:00PM

The Crew provides a safe, faith based community where middle school and high school teens can come and participate in supervised activities.  The main goal is building relationships that will guide and encourage guys to become role models in their peer groups and teach them practical and spiritual disciplines to achieve their goals.

6th-12th Grade Guys | Every Tuesday | 3:00-6:00PM

What is your story? It is a simple question that opens the door for deep relationships. Our leaders challenge young ladies to be a part of a story that matters through activities, events, and mentorship opportunities.

Our girls get a chance to hang out with friends in an environment where they can be themselves. We meet every week to talk, help others with service projects, and have fun girl outings! Invite all your friends out for a night out with the girls at REYS!

6th-12th Grade Girls | Every Wednesday | 3:00-6:00PM

Seekers is our new discipleship program for teens. The goal of Seekers is to lead students into a relationship with Christ our Savior and teach them disciplines that help them follow Jesus more closely. Throughout the year, we dive into scripture, lead large and small group discussions, have fun, play games, and pray together. To encourage the growth of intentional relationships, each student is paired up with a group leader that will mentor, support, and guide the student into a deeper understanding of biblical truths and discipleship.

6th-12th Grade Guys and Girls | Every Thursday | 3:00-6:00PM

Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance programs are free for all students of the Donegal School District and surrounding areas. We focus on teaching our students the importance of homework comprehension, organization, and consistency.

Evening Programs

Martial Arts

Come and learn the fundamentals and disciplines of Taekwondo!

The benefits of TaeKwonDo training will help children boost their self esteem, give them better self discipline and control, help them in social situations, keep them active and  more physically fit, have and show respect for others, teach them the lessons learned from failing, give them goals to shoot for as well better focus and last but not least shows them how to work with others.


Piano Instruction

The individual music lessons program at REYS is designed to provide free individual lesson opportunities to students who would not be able to afford private lessons otherwise.

As part of our holistic mission of providing Spiritual Direction, Academic Assistance and Social Support to local school age children, REYS offers piano instruction to our students! Through the guidance and instruction of positive Christian adult leaders, students learn the fundamentals of music theory (melody, harmony, and rhythm) and the skills to transform this knowledge into music!

*Note- REYS Piano Instruction is currently waitlisted. We will contact you as soon as a position becomes available. Please continue to fill out the following form.