LBC Student Opportunities

College students make great REYS leaders, and are offered opportunities to be nurtured, trained and included within all forms of programming at REYS! LBC student volunteers participate in a full range of activities that help them build significant relationships with kids and grow through an amazing Christ-lead experience. If you’re a college student interested in being involved in REYS in this way contact us!

Identify and build relationships with students/ volunteers.
Create opportunities to administer spiritual guidance to individual students.
Lead/ participate in student group games and activities.
Plan/Lead Bible lessons
Assist to coordinate/lead field day events.
Opportunities to reflect Christ’s light to students, parents, co-workers, and other volunteers through service


The REYS College experience will give in-field experience to the following majors:

Couseling/ Children and Family Ministry/ Youth Ministry/ Social Work/ Administration/ Business/   Biblical Studies/ Education/ Health and Physical Ed/ Intercultural/ Music Education/ Pre-Seminary/ Sport Management

Volunteer Classifications:

Christian Service Hours

For sophomore students (30-59 credits)


The junior student(60-89 credits)


Practicum: The senior student (90+ credits)