What We’re Doing to Help Your Students Stay Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic


In light of the recent health concerns around COVID-19, the leadership at Rainbow’s End Youth
Services have been prayerfully planning how we will operate in the 2020-2021 school year. This
document outlines the plans, procedures, and policies that we will follow and implement.
Please note that these plans, procedures and policies can and will change in response to updated
guidelines and recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Pennsylvania
Department of Health (DOH), the Pennsylvania Department of Education (DOE) and any other
federal and state guidelines that are mandated throughout the course of the year.
All of our decisions are based on our desire to:

● Live out our mission of reaching local youth in Christian love and

● Meet the social, spiritual and physical needs of our students and their families and

● Keep our students, staff and volunteers safe and healthy

The following policies are required to be followed by all students, staff, and volunteers:

1. Face masks are required to enter the REYS facility and can only be removed during meals, or
times when social distancing is being observed.

2. Students, staff, and volunteers must perform at-home wellness checks, and stay home if they

exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms such as, but not limited to:

 Fever or chills


 Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


 Muscle or body aches


 New loss of taste or smell

 Sore throat

 Congestion or runny nose

 Nausea or vomiting


 Trouble breathing

 Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

 New confusion

 Inability to wake or stay awake

 Bluish lips or face

3. Students, staff and volunteers that have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been inside
the REYS facilities and/or has been in contact with REYS students, staff or volunteers, should
report this information to local health officials and REYS Program Director Jeremy Freimark
at or Executive Director, Cristina Paden at

4. Students, staff and volunteers that have tested positive for COVID-19 should not return to
REYS until cleared by a medical professional.

5. If someone is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 during a REYS program/event, this person
will be asked to kindly leave the premises. If it is a younger student, we will contact their
parent/guardian to pick them up immediately and ensure that they are distant from others
until then.


The following procedures will be followed in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19:

1. Students, staff, and volunteers will be encouraged by oral instruction and visual signage to
engage in the following practices:

 Wear a face mask/covering

 Practice social distancing

 Cover your sneeze/cough

 Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently

 Don’t touch face/eyes/mouth 

2. We will stagger the use of communal spaces when feasible.

3. We will limit the sharing of materials among students when feasible.

4. We will allocate a time for hand sanitizing before meals and snacks are eaten.

5. We will offer activities that minimize close contact with others when feasible.

6. We will clean and sanitize frequently used spaces and surfaces on a daily basis.

7. We will close all water fountains until further notice.

8. We will monitor our state/county updates regarding COVID-19, and will move from one
phase to another accordingly.

9. We will communicate any programmatic and procedural changes to students, staff, and

10. We commit to implementing feasible best practices that minimize the risk of contracting and
spreading COVID-19 in our beloved community.